Simplicity Landscape & Design Warranty Information

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Landscape/Planting Simplicity Warranty:

  • This is a limited warranty; no other warranties apply.
  •  Any plant that fails to survive six (6) months from installation will be replaced once free of charge, provided the plants have been adequately cared for by the Customer.
  • Newly installed landscape plants may undergo transplant shock, most notably during the hot summer months. To reduce stress, it is imperative that plants receive proper care. Upon installation, it is then the responsibility of the Customer to supply the plant with sufficient water and fertilizer (as needed) during their growing season (May to October) to keep them healthy.
  • Any plant that dies must be examined by a Simplicity Landscape & Design representative before removal from the ground. Simplicity Landscape will not warrant any plant being removed from the ground before the inspection. No claim will be considered if the Simplicity Landscape representative determines that the plant was not adequately protected or cared for. 
  • This warranty does not cover any annuals, perennials, or roses planted in tubs or boxes, transplants, seeding, sodding, or indoor plants. 
  • Simplicity Landscape assumes no liability for the replacement of plants killed or damaged by pests, insect infestation, abnormal weather conditions, vandalism, mechanical injury, or other conditions beyond our control, nor will we replace plants experiencing "seasonal die-back" when pruning and proper care will restore them to health. 
  • Simplicity Landscape cannot guarantee against weed growth in mulch or topsoil beds due to the germination of dormant seeds present in the soil.
  • Simplicity Landscape warrants only the variety and not the particular size (due to availability) of plants and trees covered by this warranty.
  • A cash refund will not be given.
  • Replacements will not be authorized until three months after installation.
  • This warranty is void if the Customer fails to pay in full for materials and services provided as per this Agreement. 
  • Simplicity Landscape does not provide warranties for drainage work, nor does it guarantee against water leakage into houses. 


Obtaining Replacements:

  • Many plants experience shock after installation and may turn slightly brown and appear to be dying. This condition is only temporary, and the plant should recover. If a plant does not appear to be recovering after three to four months, call Simplicity Landscape & Design and ask our Landscape Inspector to visit and inspect the plants.


Hardscape Simplicity Warranty:

  • This is a limited warranty; no other warranties apply. 
  • Simplicity Landscape & Design is not responsible for materials used which are manufactured by others and subject to weathering, vandalism, traffic wear, and/or mechanical damage.
  • Extreme circumstances (including but not limited to fire, vehicular accidents, excessive flooding, and excessive freezing) causing damage to work installed by Simplicity Landscape & Design are not covered under this or any other Simplicity Landscape warranty.


  • Retaining Wall Labor: 2 YEARS. This guarantees your hardscape installation from the settlement of pavers and walls, and from the separation of wall units for two years under the everyday wear for which the installation was designed. 
  • Paver Patio Weeds: 3 YEARS. This warranty will cover weeds from growing in paver joints. This coverage is for a weed breakout, not a handful of weeds. If Simplicity Landscape deems a failure has occurred, we will provide a one-time power washing and resanding over the three years. This warranty does not cover new germination from overseeding.
  • Paver Patio Labor: 5 YEARS. This warranty stands behind our labor and craftsmanship for five years. If the Customer occurs any problems, Simplicity Landscape will inspect the performed services and provide labor to repair problem areas. This warranty does not cover failures due to conditions outside the scope of hardscape installation.
  • This warranty is void if the Customer fails to pay in full for the services provided. 
  • Simplicity Landscape does not warrant drainage work, nor does it guarantee against water leakage into buildings.


Irrigation Warranty:

  • This is a limited warranty; no other Simplicity warranties apply. 
  • Simplicity Landscape & Design warrants materials installed for up to THREE YEARS from the date of installation, and LABOR to repair or replace the sprinkler system's components is covered for ONE year from installation. 
  • This warranty includes all system components installed by Simplicity Landscape, including the controller, valves, sprinkler heads, pipe, and backflow device. 
  • The warranty includes only defects in materials or workmanship. It expressly excludes the improper usage of the system, damage caused by freezing, fire, flooding, any other natural phenomena, or damage by any other cause. 
  • Any modification or repair of the system by any company other than Simplicity Landscape voids this warranty. 
  • This warranty expressly excludes (1) the cost of testing the backflow device as may be required by water providers after the initial inspection at installation and (2) clogging of system components due to debris in the water supply. 
  • Simplicity warrants, for ONE YEAR, that all lawn or planter bed areas detailed or specified in the original proposal will be irrigated adequately according to industry standards in effect at the time of installation. Changes to beds or changes due to plant growth are not warranted.
  • This warranty is void if the Customer fails to pay in full for the services provided.